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Flops Rhinestone colors B Bow Fleur de Flip Bling choose Lis Buckle your bow 7nxxXzwI

We know that the teenage years can be an exciting and difficult time in a child's life, with special health risks and problems.

That's why we developed the Adolescent Care Clinic, to give teens (between the ages of 10 and 21 years) the specialized, comprehensive care they need.

UK Adolescent Medicine was featured in UK HealthCare's fall 2015 OnCall magazine. The article highlights Dr. Omar's journey in building the UK Adolescent Medicine program and the impact his work has had on Kentucky's teens and their families.

Patient appointments

Request an appointment online or call one of the locations listed below.


Health care providers, please visit our referral page to refer your patient to this service.

  • Services

    Our team of physicians, nurses, social workers, nutritionists, and psychologists has expertise in a wide range of adolescent concerns. We treat every patient as a unique person with unique needs - emotional, physical and psychological.

    A provider is on call in the evenings and weekends.

    Counseling is available for the following:

    • Nutrition counseling
    • Weight management
    • Fitness consultation 
    • Eating disorders
    • Substance abuse
    • Depression
    • Behavioral problems
    • Learning disorders
    • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
    • Gender Identity
    • Dysphoria

    Gynecological care: Our gynecological care also counsels teens and encourages them to maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoiding risky behaviors and postponing sexual activity. Some of the services we provide include:

    • Pregnancy tests
    • Reproductive care
    • Colposcopy
    • Pap Smear

    Other services:

    • Young Parents Program - special clinic designed to care for both the young mother and her child in the same appointment
    • We also offer physical exams for camp, sports and employment
    • Buckle colors bow Lis choose de Fleur Flops Bow Flip your Bling Rhinestone B Sexual abuse/rape evaluation and treatment

    The teenage years can be fun and exciting, but teens searching for independence may experiment with alcohol, drugs and sex. These behaviors can have long-lasting and serious affects on your child's physical and emotional health including drug addiction, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs like Chlamydia, AIDS and gonorrhea) or potentially fatal accidents.

    It's important to talk honestly to teenagers about the risks. Our counselors are experts at communicating with teens and will work with you and your family to help with any special concerns you might have. We believe that the most important people in a teen's life are his family and we encourage parents to be actively involved in their child's life.

    We respect the privacy of your teenager and your family. You can be sure that all discussions and care, especially in respect to STDs, drug use, and birth control, are absolutely confidential. UK Children's Hospital has a very strict privacy policy that insures no one from our team or the hospital will ever reveal information about your family.


    Adolescent medicine has partnered with UK Adolescent Behavioral Health to ensure every patient has the best care.

    UK Adolescent Behavioral Health, located in Lexington, Ky, is a 10-bed inpatient program that offers a personal, structured environment for adolescents with mental illness or behavioral health problems. The unit’s team of psychiatrists, nurses and staff work together to identify the cause of the behavioral problems and provide treatment.

    Staff from both units work closely together to make the transition to inpatient care as simple and easy as possible for both patients and their families.

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Please read through the shipping & policies & the Faqs for answers to your questions. If those have not provided an answer to your question, please click the 'Ask a Question' button & send us a message. We are happy to help answer any & all questions.

Bow Flip Flops business hours are Monday -Friday from 9am-3:30pm and we try to answer all questions in 1 business day or less during those times. Thank you for your patience - we will get back to you as soon as possible to help you place your order.
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