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50s Lined Victorian Winter 44497 Size Waterproof Width 1950s Deadstock Black 1 Fleece Vinyl WW Authentic Wide Boots Inspired 5

Vinyl Wide Waterproof Black Size Fleece Inspired 50s Deadstock 5 1 44497 Authentic WW 1950s Lined Victorian Width Boots Winter Every once in awhile you may be looking for something that is right under your nose. How to share a YouTube video on StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr and more is one of those things.

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How To Share YouTube Videos on StumbleUpon and Pinterest

On the YouTube video page you would like to share simply click the “share” button under the video next to “about”. The usual Facebook, Twitter and Google+ icons will appear. Many do not notice the little arrow icon to the right. Click this arrow and 7 additional site icons will appear. I’m not sure why these icons are not visible from the get go, they have the space for them?

Size Victorian Authentic Deadstock Boots 50s 1 Wide 1950s Waterproof 44497 Vinyl Lined 5 Inspired WW Winter Black Fleece Width

Hope you found this quick article useful and are now stumbling and pinning away!

Deadstock Fleece 50s Boots Lined WW Victorian Inspired Size 5 Vinyl Winter 1950s Waterproof Black Wide 44497 Width Authentic 1 50s WW Width Wide Waterproof Authentic Size Winter 5 Vinyl Boots Lined Inspired Fleece Deadstock Victorian 44497 1 1950s Black

One thought on “How To Share YouTube Videos on StumbleUpon and Pinterest

  1. Hi.. I just added a page on stumbleupon, actually a video from youtube. But since it’s not from my youtube channel, but from a friend’s i would like to know if this will affect his views on youtube channel. To be more specific, whoever watches the video from stumbleupon page this view would go on his youtube channel? or it would just count as a view in stumbleupon?
    thank you

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